Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Cap - 3/1/11

Can anyone out there from the Las Vegas area and beyond guess what tank this is? It is the large lower tank that is almost always dry which we almost always use for our route down from Red Cap! It is full of water right now and it is beautiful!

The BLM hike up Red Cap today was very enjoyable as eighteen hikers blew the BLM limit of fifteen. It is a heart pumping scramble up to the peak, then a tour of tanks on the way down. There was some ice in one tank which is covered with shadows for most of the day as seen to the left. The rest of the tanks were full and reflective; including the large tank seen in the first photo. We had to take a different route down to Mass Production Wall because of it. Red Cap was a great way to ring in March.... (Return any lost devices found on this route to Barry F.)

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Jerry said...

Great photos, Kay. Love the reflections. BTW, Barry found his cell phone. It was on his belt around his back.