Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fletcher Canyon - 8/27/11

Every time one hikes the Fletcher Canyon trail up to Obstacle Rock, the trail offers a new beauty. The canyon changes with the seasons and today, the canyon was dry and naturally lit with a warm sun. Thirty- one hikers enjoyed the four mile canyon hike one more time before fall arrives. Much of the hike was adorned with angelica flowers as seen in the last photo of this entry.

We began at the Fletcher Canyon trailhead located on the right side of Kyle Canyon Road just before the Visitor Center. The trail heads into the canyon along a fairly flat climb for around 1.5 miles before entering a slot area with walls around fifty feet tall on both sides. Travelling around the base of Fletcher Peak on the right side of the canyon, we easily worked our way through the slot that is sometimes filled with snow and/or a flowing stream of snowmelt.

We took our break at Obstacle Rock and one hiker decided to climb through the rabbit hole. She excitedly re-emerged with us down below. She had seen a sample of the wonders of upper Fletcher Canyon where there is even more beauty than below. Eventually, the short morning had to begin the return. There were a lot of people in the canyon (i.e. babies, dogs, families, young couples and even a few people our age), so we needed to make room for the next hikers to enjoy the large boulders on which we sat. The hike came to a close after a mere 2.5 hours.

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