Saturday, August 20, 2011

Telephone Canyon - 8/20/11

Saturday morning's hike on the South Loop was quickly diverted when a sign was seen on the South Loop trail on a previous hike that said, due to trail maintenance, anyone setting foot on the trail would have to pay a $275 fine. After doing some calculations, ... we decided to change the hike to Telephone Canyon. So, eighteen hikers jumped into five cars for a point to point hike starting at Robber's Roost on Highway 158. We began the downhill hike with one of the steeper sections. After no more than around a third of a mile, we came upon the old log cabin which was probably once used when the telephone lines were begin strung in and around the canyon we were entering into.

Telephone Canyon actually holds a network of trails that are used mainly by bicyclists and horseback riders. For us, it is easy to simply follow the trails that go downhill. However, the bikers and horses utilize self made trail markers made mostly of rusted tin cans stuck on limbs of the surrounding juniper and pinion pine trees. During our 3.7 miles of hiking today, we spent at least 2 miles in the woods with a fairly nice breeze. As we reached the openess of the last 1.5 miles, the sun beamed harshly onto our faces. With about .75 miles to go, we junctioned with the dirt road that would take us out to Highway 157 where the drivers would leave the group to gather their cars that were left at Robber's Roost.

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