Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upper Little Falls Loop - 8/9/11

This Tuesday's "super hike" began at the Cathedral Rock trailhead. Larry D. describes the hike in the next paragraph. Larry also gives us these photos of the hike. Most of the photos were taken when the hike finally reached the South Loop Trail. The writer suspects that the steep climb up to the trail was not very conducive to photo taking as the going was quite tough. The hike climbed around 3000 elevation feet and was around seven miles in length.

We started at the Cathedral Rock Staircase Trailhead, proceeded up to the manhole at Upper Little Falls Spring, went up the very steep ridge along a big avalanche chute to the cliff line, skirted around the bottom of the cliff, climbed up the hill forming the cliff, traversed slightly to the east (still climbing steep terrain) until we reached a saddle between a minor peak and the main ridge where we could see the main ridge-line between Griffith and Charleston, then traversed up another hundred feet more to a saddle on the ridge where we found the South Loop Trail. We followed that trail back to the starting point.

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