Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mummy's Nose via Deer Creek Hwy - 9/6/11

Mike O'C sent this email about Tuesday's super hike.

Kay, the write-up that Chris did for today's hike must have scared all the ladies, as it was strictly a masculine affair. Nine of us. What a disappointment. No distaff members whatsoever. Might this be a first for ABF? I certainly hope it's a last.

Tough little bastard, for sure, as we logged a miniscule two miles total with 2500' of vertical. Incredibly steep, like around 50% average if you do the math. Right at five hours. We managed to do both of the third class sections at the top. I caught hell from the entire group when I took them down the 'easier' of the two chutes. Lots of flak, for sure. Not to mention bloodshed. I may retire from this position, Kay. Can't take all the pressure☺.

As evidence of this photo, Mike did a great job getting everyone to the top. The writer feels sure that the "flak" was all in good humor, as usual. Thanks, Mike.

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