Monday, September 19, 2011

No Name / Bristlecone Loop CCW - 9/19/11

Today's hike of the No Name Trail was attended by nineteen hikers, one of whom was having a birthday! We don't often do this hike in a counter- clockwise fashion, however, that's what we did today and it seemed somewhat easier than the usual way. The weather was perfect and the aspens were beginning to change their color.

Yep! Tom was the birthday boy! So, at the high point of our hike, when we were all eating our snack, Edwina unpacked, not one, but two single layer birthday cakes complete with candles! (No matches, though.) We were all served a piece of the delicious cakes and after the party, we hiked through the old bristlecones and returned to the cars. Happy Birthday, Tom!

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