Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fletcher Peak - 9/22/11

Fourteen members of the Around the Bend Friends who were not on the Lake Tahoe Excursion, climbed to the top of Fletcher Peak today. The hike began at the North Loop Trailhead parking area on Deer Creek Highway. Three hikers took off very quickly, eight hikers climbed steadily and the three remaining hikers got off to a slow start. Nevertheless, except for the three racers, all the hikers met up at the North Loop meadow before continuing.

After conquering the following switch- backs, the hikers again re-gathered at the trail junction of the North Loop and Fletcher Peak trails which lies only about a quarter mile before Raintree. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sky was blue with white and gray puffy clouds. The old bristlecones were showing off their Thursday best. We turned left onto the Fletcher Peak trail and began a small descent to a saddle.

Travelling now on a small somewhat faint trail, we went up, down, up, down and a final up to the peak. This part of the hike tested a few wills. It was steep and beautiful with limestone, bristlecones and a panoramic view that was "awesome!" We arrived at the peak by ones and twos. The three faster hikers were still there enjoying the views from the peak as seen in the collage below.

The much sought after sign in book was no where to be found. Several hikers over the summer looked high and low for it. It was decided that a new book would be brought up next Tuesday when the peak would be climbed again from another direction. I hope that this will suffice as a substitute for signing the book today: Steve, Mark, Jerry, John, Karen, Mary, Ann, Gaylyn, Kay, George, Lloyd, Don, Hawk, and Karl arrived on Fletcher Peak on September 22, 2011. It was an awesome climb on a beautiful day and we all feel better for the effort!

The hike down to the cars was long but fast. Thanks, Steve, a great coordinator in the making!

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