Friday, February 10, 2012

Arnight to Pine Creek - 2/10/12

                                Mescalito Peak

                                Calico Hills from Arnight Trailhead

 What a beee-u-tiful day in Vegas! There were twenty hikers that enjoyed the day at Red Rock Canyon NCA today. We started from the parking lot at the exit of the scenic loop on Highway 159. The trail we chose led to the Oak Creek and Arnight Trailheads where we stopped for a small break at the restroom. Next, we continued hiking on the rock covered Arnight Trail. Passing the turnoffs for Juniper Canyon and the Knoll Trails, we reached the drop into Pine Creek Canyon. A few hikers stayed at the creek crossing for an extended break while the rest of us hiked a small loop around the floor of the canyon.


                                Dropping to Pine Creek Canyon

 During our tour of the canyon, we spotted a group of eleven bighorn sheep not far up on the side. Usually, we see females but, today, it was the men's club! Huge horns all around! Spooked by a couple of rock climbers who needed to get past them, they took off down and into the heart of Pine Creek Canyon; but, not before several photos were shot of the magnificent males.

                                Bighorn Sheep (Men's Club)

                                Bighorns on the Run

 Leaving the bighorns to their wanderings, we finished the tour at the Wilson Homestead, an old home foundation where the Wilsons resided back in the day. We joined the others at the creek for our break then began the return trip back the same way we came. The six miles were nearly flat with only around 350 feet in elevation gain / loss. It was simply a wonderful outing that we all enjoyed.

                                Pine Creek

                                Climbing out of Pine Creek Canyon


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