Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lone Mountain / Up East, Down South - 2/29/12

                                     Eastern Route up Lone Mountain

 Nine tough hikers celebrated the leap year with just a little morning exercise. Sitting within the city's perimeter on the northwest corner is a rather large rock. It is a popular place for many Las Vegans to go for daily exercise and, today, it was on the docket for the Around the Bend Friends.

 Starting from the Lone Mountain Park parking lot at Jensen and Craig, we started up the eastern ridge gaining almost 800 elevation feet in only three tenths of a mile. It was a very steep climb that each of us conquered at different speeds. By the way, did anyone lose a dime on this slope? Just asking.

                                Diane's view from above on the ascent.

                                Las Vegas Strip from Lone Mtn. Peak

                                         Metro doing a "top" job.

Arriving at the peak, we found an officer of the law. We spoke and joked with him for several minutes and found out that he was perusing the surrounding landscape looking for kids who had escaped a youth camp in nearby mountains. They were probably headed this way about then and the officer was looking to head them off at the pass.

 Next, the nine hikers began their descent on the southern ridge route. The ridge extends out from the peak about four tenths of a mile, therefore, this route is not quite as steep. In fact, much of the trail descends very gradually with spurts of plummeting down sharp craggy limestone now and then.

 One troubling issue about this mountain is that it has graffitti on its surface pretty much at every turn. Assumably, the reasons for this is contained in nearby residential neighborhoods.

At least, three hikers left after the Lone Mountain climb. The six hikers that remained got into their cars for a trip across CC215 to tackle nearby Eagle Peak.

                                Diane's view from below on the descent.

                                Southern Ridge Route down Lone Mountain

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