Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hamblin Mountain - 2/28/12

                           Lake Mead from Hamblin Mountain Saddle

                           Western View from Hamblin Mountain Approach

  Under a partially cloudy sky, eleven hikers gathered to climb the one and only Hamblin Mountain today. We began at the 18th mile marker of Northshore Road in the Lake Mead NRA. A cold breeze wiped our brow throughout the hike when we were exposed to the western landscape. When not exposed, we felt the sweat drip dryly across our face. ... Okay, we get the picture!

                      North Bowl of Fire from Hamblin Mountain Approach

 We hiked out the Pinto Valley Wash and took the right fork wash when we neared the dry fall at around a mile. This put us onto the Hamblin Mountain Trail which led gently up to the ridge that bounds Lake Mead, formerly known as Boulder Canyon. Entering a small canyon wash, we climbed up to the ridge and got our first view of the lake. Behind us, we could see the North Bowl of Fire. To the east, we saw the view in the photo to the left.

                                               From the Summit

 Taking our time to balance across the saddle and ridge, we all arrived at the peak where we signed in to the log book. We found a comfortable place out of the light cold breeze and took our break. The view from Hamblin Mountain is nothing less than spectacular! It offers the lake, mountains, color and Las Vegas in the distance.

                           Eastern View from Hamblin Mountain Summit

 We began our descent at an even pace. When we reached a trail leading to the right, we took it. This was the crossover trail to an adjacent colorful wash. In turn, this wash took us down to the Pinto Valley wash or, at one time known as, the old Arrowhead Highway. It was the road once used by travelers to go from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. This particular section of the road must have "blown away" the adventurers as the colors of red, yellow, green and white lined the path for a few miles.

                                       Dropping to Pinto Valley Wash

 From this point, we followed the road down to the dry fall, connected with our previous route, and continued on out to Northshore Road. It was a very pleasant seven mile outing with around 1300 feet of elevation gain accomplished within about 4 hours.

                                                Pinto Valley Wash

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