Sunday, November 10, 2013

Siena Little Grand Canyon Exploratory - 11/10/13

Siena's Little Grand Canyon

Rocky Connection to Next Level

Hiking the Wash Out to the Canyon
 Four hikers went out to the housing development of Siena to explore an area in the ridges behind it. This would be Chris' third exploration here. The first adventure led up along the ridge and is indicated by the blue line on the map below. This time, (indicated by the green), we found access to the "Little Grand Canyon" that we saw from the ridge above. The canyon is about a mile from the road where we parked and has a narrow limestone floor. We quickly came to a stop when we encountered two (that we could see) large dry falls. Chris climbed up the first one but had some difficulty getting back down after learning that this was a dead end.

Going Up Canyon to First Dry Fall

Chris Explored the Area Above the First Dry Fall
Evidence of teenage activity was seen in the form of fireplaces, graffiti and a make shift rope leading up the second dry fall. The rope appeared to have been taken from the home construction work being done in the area. Not sure if anyone should trust this rope!

After this short exploration, we searched and found a route that would connect us to the next level, thereby allowing us to continue up further in the canyon.

Satisfied with our new route, we turned around to find out a few other things.

Las Vegas Strip View from Canyon Area

Descending from the Connection Exploration
 We exited through the basin at the end of the canyon and followed a road that led up the back end of the development. A park that we were trying to get to was fenced off from the road but we squeezed through an opening in the fence and continued down to the park. From there, we walked down the road back to the cars.

Our exploration was only 4 miles but we learned a lot and have two new hikes planned because of it.

Hiking the Road Behind Development

John Squeezes Through the Fence

Layout of the Siena Area

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