Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frenchman Mountain - 1/7/14

Views from Frenchman Peak

Trailhead at Eastern Terminus of Bonanza Road

This morning, the Super Tuesday Hike took our hikers to the top of Frenchman Mountain located on the east side of Las Vegas. The trailhead is found at the eastern terminus of Bonanza Road. Larry D. and Mike OC contributed photos and Mike gives us his narration that he called "Frenchman Mountain by the Numbers."

Elevation Gained Quickly

Straight Up the Rocky Canyon

3.83 distance in miles
2200 vertical feet
13 male hikers (standard Tuesday bunch)
 1 female hiker (Susan Murphy)
14 tough hikers
 8 first-timers on Frenchman

Like Climbing Steps

Climbing Between Two Hard Places

The Shelf

 79 oldest hiker
59 youngest hiker
63.5 average age (Irish math)
75 ascent time in minutes
90 descent time in minutes
 4 exposed sections
 4 dicey sections (duh)
Almost There

The Whole Gang on Frenchman Mountain Peak

 1 rest break (lunch on the summit)
 0 injuries
14    contented sighs 

Starting Down

What Goes Up Must Come Down!

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