Saturday, May 10, 2014

Badger Pass - 5/10/14

View Back from Badger Pass Trail to the Escarpment

Starting Up the Badger Pass Trail

Climbing Badger Pass Trail
 Our late hike on Saturday this week was a leisurely 3 mile stroll in the hills of the Bird Spring Range in the Red Rock Canyon NCA. Thirteen hikers began their morning at the Badger Pass trailhead where there was a tent and water station set up for a 100 mile running event in the area. There were also several bikers around and, as we pulled into the parking area, we saw the group of Around the Bend Friends early Saturday hikers going by on the trail.

New Mexico Thistle and Bees
 The early group of hikers had started at the Late Night trailhead and were just then getting over to the Badger Pass trail. After getting our things together, we began following them up the trail. There was a little breeze in the air even though the temperatures were expected to rise later in the morning.

Climbing Up to the High Point
 We switchbacked up the trail slowly since this was our leisurely group of the week. But, we had a great time enjoying the flowers along the trail and the views of the southern end of the Red Rock  escarpment.

Arriving at Badger Pass Saddle

Taking a Break at the Junction
 When we reached the high point of the hike, the other group of hikers were there taking their break. Party time! We all enjoyed saying hello and quickly catching up with questions and comments. Our group was the first to begin the descent down to Badger Pass, a small saddle where four trails junction.  By the time we got to the pass, the other group was nipping at our heels! While they turned left at the junction, we turned right.

Flatbud Prickly-Poppy
 We followed the long switchbacks down to the Dead Horse Trail below and took our break in the shade of a couple of trees. Afterwards, we turned right on Dead Horse Trail and followed it back to the cars while enjoying the colorful views in front of us. (We were warned of a rattlesnake in the area but we did not encounter it.)

3 miles; 650 feet elevation gain; an easy 2 hours

Dead Horse Trail at the Badger Pass Trail Junction

The End of Dead Horse Trail

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