Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fletcher Canyon Dog Hike - 7/19/14

GG, the Las Vegas Cockapoo, in Fletcher Canyon

Dee & Denby

 Once each year, (except last year during the chaos of the fire), the Around the Bend Friends makes an attempt to include their furry friends on a hike in Fletcher Canyon. Today, seven hikers and two dogs participated in the fun! Fletcher Canyon is the perfect hike for dogs since it is mostly shaded, doesn't have too much elevation gain and has no exposed cliffs. (Sometimes it is difficult keeping up with so many feet!) It also helps to get to the trailhead early since the dog hike is always held on a Saturday morning.

Rough Angelicas Blooming in Fletcher Canyon
 GG and Denby had no problem running up the trail. The people, however, could barely keep up with them! Their enthusiasm had to be quashed several times.

Dog Hiking without Dogs!

 We reached Obstacle Rock and sat for a small break enjoying apples, dog biscuits and water. Yum! Yum! GG did her slide down the chute into her mom's arms then we all started back down. As we hiked the two miles back down, we passed many hikers and several other dogs. It is expected that GG and Denby will both spend the rest of the day laid out on the floor!

4 miles; 1200 feet elevation gain; 2.75 hours

Can I have some of that apple?

John & GG

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