Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fletcher Peak - 7/17/14

Desert View from Fletcher Peak

Fletcher Peak from North Loop Trail

Mummy's Toe from North Loop Trail

 Since the South Loop Trail is off limits at this time, the club ends up climbing Fletcher Peak quite often. Today's route for fifteen hikers was up and back on the North Loop Trail; the most straight forward way to get up to the Fletcher Peak Trail junction. We climbed up to the meadow at our own pace and gathered under the bristlecone to wait for everyone. It was a jovial group who felt very relaxed among friends.

Gathering at the North Loop Meadow

Dropping to Saddle on the Fletcher Peak Trail

Saddle on Fletcher Peak Trail

 We ventured on up the North Loop switchbacks and turned the corner to drop down to the Fletcher Peak Trail junction found almost all the way down to Raintree sharply to the left. The trail took us around and down to the saddle above Hummingbird Gulch. From there, a trail showed us the way over three small false peaks and finally to the Fletcher Peak summit.

Hiking the Fletcher Peak Trail

Griffith Peak from the Fletcher Peak Trail

Limestone on Fletcher Peak Trail

 The summit is situated among the limestone and bristlecones of the first of a twin peak mountain. We signed into the log book and saw that there were 3 more club members who had summitted previous to us this morning. Our mid-morning snack was gulped down while we enjoyed the 360 degree view of the Spring Mountains and surrounding desert. We also discussed the continuing debate on whether the limestone peak on which we sat or the twin, tree covered peak, is the tallest. No matter. It is clear which peak is the prettiest and has the nicest views!

Fifteen AtBF Hikers on Fletcher Peak

Mummy Mountain from Fletcher Peak

Mummy's Nose from Fletcher Peak

 We finished our break and started back down. We ambled down the mountain in a somewhat separated fashion; not in a hurry. When we reached the cars, someone mentioned that it took 1 hr 55 min to get up to the peak and 1 hr 30 min to get down. No records broken here folks, but we sure did enjoy the day!

7 miles; 2500 feet elevation gain; 3.5 hours

Fletcher Peak Trail and North Loop Trail Junction

Descending the North Loop Switchbacks

La Madre Mountain from North Loop

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