Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mack's Canyon Road Hike - 7/12/14

Mack's Canyon Road at Overlook

Mack's Canyon Road nearing Mack's Peak

 Enjoying a beautiful respite from the rain, twenty Saturday hikers came out for a hike on Mack's Canyon Road. The road is found to the right just after the Sawmill Trailhead on Lee Canyon Highway in the Spring Mountains NRA. We parked at the Sawmill Trailhead where there were restrooms and started out the yellow trail. After 0.42 miles, we turned off the trail to the left. Although an attempt has been made to cover the connecting trail to Mack's Canyon Road with limbs, we found the trail on the return. However, going out, we bushwhacked our way through the woods and found the dirt road right where it was supposed to be!

Mack's Peak from the Road
 As we started up the road, a couple of young men drove by and flirted with a few of our female club members! Made our day!

Twenty Saturday Hikers

 The dirt road seems like it is in pretty good condition up to the 2 mile mark where we stopped. By the time our morning on the road was over, more than 10 cars had passed by us. We took our time at the road corner where a distant view of the desert playas was seen through the trees. Then Mack's Peak came into view as we rounded the corner. Mack's Peak is distinguished by a green (trees) diagonal stripe on the left side of the limestone summit. The trailhead for this difficult peak is at the end of the road we traveled.

The Perfect Snack Spot!
 We stopped our climb at the large camp site on the corner junction of a high clearance road named The Sisters Road. There was log seating where we watched the chipmunks and talked a while.

Chipmunk in the Shadows

 After the break, we started back down the road. It wasn't long before two horse and riders came sauntering by. To our delight, they stopped to talk with us and we all got our horse "fix" while the two beautiful animals showed their stuff. Continuing down the road, Mummy's Nose came into view. To the left, we found the connector trail to return to the Sawmill Trail then turned right. This is a very pleasant hike with a wide trail on which to socialize. (And, did I mention it was a beautiful day!)

4.5 miles; 1000 feet elevation gain; 2.75 hours

Mack's Canyon Road Desert Overlook

Sawmill Trailhead

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