Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cockscomb Ridge - 7/28/15

Cockscomb Ridge and Peak (R)

Fletcher & Kyle Canyons from Cockscomb Ridge

Morning on Trail Canyon
 Although Google Earth calls the whole ridge that runs from Kyle Canyon to Lee Canyon Cockscomb Ridge, hikers refer the name to just the bottom of the ridge running from the Trail Canyon saddle to Kyle Canyon. And, of course, the remaining long section of that ridge is affectionately named Mummy Mountain. So, eleven hikers met up today for a hike up Trail Canyon and out along that ridge we call Cockscomb Ridge, a beautiful geologic formation of limestone.

Cockscomb Peak from Trail Canyon

Charleston Peak above Trail Canyon Hike

Starting Up Cockscomb Ridge
 Since this hike was billed as a moderate hike, all eleven hikers gathered twice during the two mile climb up Trail Canyon. Once at the water tank and one more time at the beginning of the switchbacks. Participating were all levels of hiking abilities from moderate up to strenuous. But, under the direction of the hike coordinator, we refrained from running up the mountain. (Yeah. 'Cause otherwise we would have this baby churned out in half an hour!) Well, not really.

Hiking Along the Ridge

Some Exposure on Ridge Trail

Curving Around
 We managed to regather at the saddle only an hour and eleven minutes from the trailhead. From there, we turned to the right and started up the trail that leads out Cockscomb Ridge. During the ridge portion of today's hike, we stayed together as best we could. The trail is good but there are a couple of places where the trail direction is questionable. Plus, there is a bit of exposure on the ridge and there is strength in numbers. Fletcher Canyon fell steeply down to our left.

Break Point at the Base of Cockscomb Peak

View from Break Point

Descending the Ridge
 Upon reaching the base of the large fin-like limestone monolith called Cockscomb Peak, we stopped for our break. The views of Charleston Peak were enjoyed and then we started our trip back down. Once we got back to the Trail Canyon saddle, we dispersed to tackle the long Trail Canyon descent. In the end, we weren't too far separated. Nice hike.

5.5 miles; 1800 feet elevation gain; 3 hours

Mummy's Toe seen from Cockscomb Ridge

Taking One Last View of Fletcher Canyon Below

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