Friday, April 15, 2016

South Peak & High Point Peak - 4/12/16

South Peak & High Point Peak from Approach

Neighboring Mt. Potosi - Meditation Peak at Right

View North from Descent

Break Point in Ascent
 On Tuesday, club members forfeited their hike to Bridge Point Peak due to the likely flooding in Fern Canyon. Instead, they headed south to the southern terminus of the Red Rock Canyon escarpment. South Peak is the last little peak south of Hollow Rock Peak. Along the same ridge further west, there is a high point peak that was included in this hike. This hike was mistakenly described as a class 2 climb ... NOT! The climb was quite steep and a fun scramble, indeed.

Sixteen hikers arrived at the South Peak trailhead located on a small 4WD high clearance dirt road that turns north on Highway 160, west of the Late Night Trailhead parking lot. Heading straight for the hills, their route began climbing up a ridge underneath South Peak.

What a View!
 Views of Cottonwood Valley and Mt. Potosi were tremendous.

Mike Stands in Front of Meditation Peak

Summit Photo (plus Richard)
 After a summit photo on South Peak with Meditation Peak rising in the background, the group began a traverse along the difficult ridge to High Point Peak. This is a high point on the ridge that is somewhat separated from the main escarpment peaks. Next came the descent. To keep it interesting, the descent was made down through the canyon below the ascent ridge. A dry waterfall in the canyon provided a great scramble. All hikers had a lot of fun!

3 miles; 2000 feet elevation gain; 4.5 hours

Club Members do the Descent

Waterfall Methods

Cars in View

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