Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mummy Junction - 6/12/16

View to Trailhead from Mummy Junction

Charleston Peak slowly losing Snow

Heading toward the Wall Turn

Passing the Water Tank ... Again
 Today's training hike began at the Trail Canyon trailhead ... again ... and finished just past the "M" tree that indicates the Mummy Mountain Trail junction at the base of the infamous scree field. ... And, then, returned! We had fifteen hikers on the mountain and, this time, the majority were leaning to the moderate to moderately strenuous nature. We still had several strenuous types but they were happy to be there training their mountain legs. The moderate pace chosen by the coordinator was followed by several hikers who tried very hard to make it to the saddle without stopping.

Aspens showing Bright Green
 We actually did make it without stopping but it wasn't easy! When we arrived at the saddle, the front runners were all sitting on the junction log (you know, the one with the ants).

Slow & Steady
 We took a short break while a few hikers changed wardrobe. The temperature was cool today and the higher elevations had a stiff wind blowing.

Front Runners waiting at the Saddle

Heading toward Cave Springs
 Our next gathering spot was at Cave Springs whether we needed it or not. The coordinator was trying to keep the large group together this week ... something that will continue during the remaining training hikes. After waiting for the last hikers to arrive, we started up one more time. This time, we would gather again at the turnaround point. The last section of climbing proved to separate the more moderate hikers but we all made it within a few minutes of each other.

Clare arrives at Cave Springs
 The log seat that we used for the break seemed to be somewhat sheltered from the worst of the wind but it was a bit chilly.

Leaving Cave Springs
 Therefore, we stayed until the last two hikers arrived and then left. One of these hikers had had issues with leg cramps and had been delayed during the last climb. He rested a moment then started down ... a relief for his leg.

View from Wall Turn

View from Mummy Junction
 We gathered one last time at the Trail Canyon / North Loop saddle junction. There were many other hikers resting here and much conversation was going on. When all our hikers were there and accounted for, we started down Trail Canyon. Although we got separated, the last group of about six hikers came into the trailhead together. Successful training. Ready to take the afternoon off!

7 miles; 2500 feet elevation gain; 3.75 hours

Breaking at a Convenient Fallen Tree

Passing back through Cave Springs

"Grand Central" Saddle

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