Saturday, June 18, 2016

Upper Showgirl Loop - 6/18/16

Flowers at Upper Showgirl Trailhead

Mummy's Nose from beginning of Showgirl Trail

Hiking down Showgirl Trail

Crossing a Wash
 Seventeen hikers began a very leisurely hike from the Upper Showgirl Trailhead in the Spring Mountains NRA this morning. The group was definitely in a slow mood! We dropped down on the Showgirl Trail that begins with a very long switchback. We had hoped that the hike would be in the shade since it is in the woods but we are nearing the summer solstice and the sun was overhead for most of the hike. Its heat took its toll on us throughout the morning.

Hiking just below Deer Creek Road

Angel Peak from Showgirl Trail

Left Turn Junction

The Shade of a Very Old Juniper Tree
 The hike follows the main trail until you reach a turn junction to the left. We followed this trail until we reached another junction on a bare saddle area. From there, the route circled around a small hill to our left and we continued past the wash, where we stopped last year, looking for more seating. We never found a better place to stop for a break so from here on out, we will stop at the shaded wash area. Nevertheless, we hiked on out the ridge today and took our break.

Mummy's Toe from the Showgirl Trail

Deer Creek Road Overlook

Trailhead from Showgirl Trail

Hiking Through the Woods
 On the return, we turned left at the bare saddle junction and hiked straight at the next two junctions. The third junction found us turning left again. Finally, we got to the overlook spur trail where several of us went down to take a peek at the fantastic wide view of the mountains and Deer Creek Road below. The Camp Trail took us back to the main Showgirl Trail and we made our return. Although today was on the warm side, this is a beautiful morning hike of 5 miles with minimal elevation gain.

5 miles; 650 feet elevation gain; 3.25 hours

Returning toward Angel Peak

Home Stretch

Flowers and Mummy Mountain

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