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AtBF at Bears Ears in 2007

Butler Wash

Wash with Wolfman Petroglyph Panel

Ruins near Wolfman Petroglyph Panel
 Back in October of 2007, the Around the Bend Friends visited the Bears Ears area after a few days in Moab. One of our members knew something about the area and took us on a tour of a few sites. After a night in Bluff, Utah, we headed south to find an unmarked dirt road turning off to the right. With high clearance vehicles, we headed out the rough road. On the way, we were able to help another truck out of a hole! Then we parked at a large area next to Butler Wash.

Part of Wolfman Panel

Part of Wolfman Panel

John climbing the Slab
 We hiked out a little trail and found these famous petroglyphs called the Wolfman Petroglyph Panel. There were also some small cliff dwelling ruins in the same area. Most of us were very new to the area and had no idea that this would be part of the new 2016 National Monument called Bears Ears. After studying the area over the years on Google Earth, it is clear that this wonderful petroglyph panel is only a small part of what this huge area has to offer in cultural significance.

Part of Wolfman Panel

Guy taking a Photo of the Panel

Natural Arch near House on Fire Ruin
 From here, we headed north and visited a small cultural museum and climbed inside a kiva. Further up the road and a fantastic short hike, we found what I now think was the famous House on Fire ruin. If it wasn't, it was very close to it. We then visited the Natural Bridges National Monument and did a short hike there. When we returned to the road, we went south to the Muley Point Overlook. Please remember that these photos were taken in 2007!

House of Fire Ruin (I think)

Moki Dugway

Muley Point Overlook (Monument Valley Beyond)
 Muley Point is an overlook that peers out to Monument Valley. Then we descended down Moki Dugway, a fantastic dirt road that takes cars up and down a steep cliff area. Finally, we drove a long graded dirt road through the Valley of the Gods. (Mostly, I remember that 35 mph was the magic speed to even out the bumps!) The Valley of the Gods contained many buttes that have names given to them. This trip was only a small sample of the huge number of anasazi ruins in the Bears Ears area between the Natural Bridges NM and Bluff, Utah.

Road through Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods

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