Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two (-1) Elephants Loop (Valley of Fire) - 1/11/17

The Sitting Elephant

First Big Climb

Lake Mead and Virgin Range in Background
 Early morning high winds in the valley kept lots of folks at home.  However, five hikers knew it’s always nice at the Valley of Fire!  On arrival at the visitor’s center the flags were limp.  Since most of us had seen the regular elephant rock we skipped that and went straight around and up onto the Southern ridges.  The hike has five climbs and after the first one all outer clothing was shed and we hiked in shirt sleeves.  Only at the highest points was much wind felt, otherwise the breezes stopped the 65 degree temperatures from getting too warm.  The snack break was taken at the second highest point of the day about halfway around the loop with views everywhere.  Since the group was composed of hardy hikers the 4.6 mile, 1200 ft. gross gain hike was completed in less than 3 hours, even going via some of the more adventurous routes!  As always, the best part is the sitting elephant rock which looks true from at least three sides. ~ Brian

Enjoying a Break

Five Hikers in Great Weather

Yellow Line indicates Today's Shortened Route

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