Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bridge Mountain - 3/21/17

Fern Canyon Overlook (Bridge Mountain in Background)

Descending the Bench

Starting the Final Climb in the Crack & on the Beehive

The Bridge
   While club members at the other end of the spectrum were hiking slowly among easy washes and trails below in the Calico Hills, more accomplished club members were climbing around in the northern peaks of the Red Rock Canyon NCA escarpment. Mike sent these photos and narrative for us.

   Seven scantily clad trekkers exited the cars at the top of Rocky Gap Road.
Make that ‘inadequately clothed’ trekkers, as Ol' Man Winter had not yet vacated the Red Rocks.
    Patches of snow dappled the surrounding mountainside. Darkening skies and plummeting temps chilled us to the bone. Katabatic winds threatened to blow us off the face of the mountain. What else might Bridge Mountain throw at us on this first full day of spring?
    Fortunately, nothing. ~ MOC

Vitals: 6.6 miles, 2900’, 4.75 hours
Summit Photo (Inside the Cubby out of the Wind)

Passing Hidden Forest on the Descent

Using the Top of the Bridge for the Descent

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