Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Falls - 6/6/11

Eleven hikers gathered this morning to hike up to Big Falls then add a trip up to Mary Jane Falls afterwards. It was a double header. Both trails share the first mile leading up from the trailhead parking lot in upper Kyle Canyon. We turned to the left just after passing the beginning of the switchbacks for Mary Jane Falls. This led over to the adjacent wash and we began scrambling up the rocks next to a heavily flowing stream.

It wasn't long before the scrambling lost the rocks and the stream. Snow with a layer of branches, twigs and pine needles covered what we know to be a heavily rocked wash underneath. Usually, this hike requires constant scrambling over slippery rocks. Today, we simply hiked up the snow carpet all the way to the base of Big Falls which was flowing very heavily from the cliff above. It was a beautiful sight and we spent about ten minutes there in the strong freezing wind to take our photos and drink in the view.

Going back down the snow wasn't too difficult if you stayed on the carpet of greenery. At the bottom, we looked back up the wash and got the photo below. Note that Big Falls is located in the bottom center of the photo. At this point, the writer took her leave.

The remaining ten hikers continued up the old Mary Jane Falls trail which is a steep incline that goes straight up to the falls area. They didn't stay long due to the wind spraying the water from the falls all over the sitting area. The return was down the new Mary Jane Falls Trail with switchbacks then through the newly leafed aspens on the last mile of the trail.

Big Falls hike elevation chart.
Big Falls hike elevation chart with high point indicated.
Big Falls hike.

Combination of Big Falls and Mary Jane Falls hike with elevation chart with high point indicated.
Combination of Big Falls and Mary Jane Falls hike.

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