Saturday, June 11, 2011

Champion Canyon Loop - 6/11/11

Ann led a group of thirty- eight hikers on a new 3.3 miles hike with only around 300 feet in elevation gain. We parked at the Sawmill Picnic Area parking lot and started out by crossing Lee Canyon Hwy to a dirt road called Champion Road. This road connects Lee Canyon Hwy to Deer Creek Hwy and has a few primitive secluded campsites that lead off into the woods. The views are mostly of Mummy's Chin above and Champion Canyon below. At around two miles, we reached Deer Creek Hwy which was the high point of the hike.

We followed the guard rail to the right for about fifty feet then dropped down into a canyon wash on a small steep trail. It was here that we found an animal's jaw bone with teeth included! We sat on the wooded hillside for a break then began our return down the wash. There were several trees which had fallen across the wash but getting around them wasn't too difficult. Also, there was evidence of wild horses having been in the area. We didn't see any horses but Ann reported that she had seen some on her previous trip into the area. The canyon wash crossed the dirt road that we had used to start out our hike so we turned left onto the road and hiked back to the Sawmill parking area.

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