Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bonanza Peak & Wild Horses - 5/29/12

                                Wild Horses in the Cold Creek area

                                Hikers pass close by a wild horse.

 On a recent Super Tuesday hike, eleven gentlemen hiked from the Cold Creek Bonanza Trailhead to Bonanza Peak, an approximately 2800 foot elevation gain. On an otherwise relentless climb up fifty something switchbacks, the hikers ran across around twenty wild horses. There were some horses in the Cold Creek valley but others were found actually on the trail. Larry D. took these photos of the hike and reports that he was allowed to pet the timid horse seen in the photo above.

                                Bonanza Peak Saddle

                                Bonanza Peak Summit Photo

 This 9 mile trek will be repeated in June at a slower pace. Be prepared for a climb!

Hopefully, the wild horses which are always in the Cold Creek area will make another visit to the Around the Bend Friends.

                                View from Bonanza Trail

                       Two horses watch as a third youngster enjoys the mud.

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