Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raintree via Trail Canyon - 9/13/12

                             Mummy Mountain from North Loop Trail

                      The beginning of fall color in the Spring Mountains.

 There were seven of us hiking Trail Canyon then the North Loop with a turnaround at Raintree. It was not the usual group because of the ongoing Flagstaff excursion, but it was a good group of hikers. Even trying to slow down, we finished the hike in less than four hours. It wasn't the speed of the hike that made seven miles go by so fast. It was taking only three group breaks in the entire hike that reduced the trail time. The morning was very cool but it warmed up as soon as the sun reached through the shadows. Perhaps autumn is upon us!

                                Mt. Charleston from the North Loop Trail

                                Break time at Raintree

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