Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6000 Joshua Trees Trail - 10/03/12

                                Macks Peak from Trail

                                Mummy's Nose from Trail

 Eight adventure seekers came out today for an exploratory hike off of Lee Canyon Highway at the 6000 ft elevation marker. This was a new hike for the club and we all wondered if there was anything out there. Yep ... a whole lot of joshua trees! Oh, besides those, ... we found a trail! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

 First, we pulled our cars off the Lee Canyon Hwy onto a very small gravel road and parked. Then, we began hiking up the gravel road. After only a little over a mile, the road dead ended so we were obliged to begin bushwhacking our way down to and up the middle of a shallow wash. This is where we found the small trail. Okay, so where does this trail go?

                               Joshua Trees with the Sheep Range in the Background

 We followed the trail north for a while until it seemed to lose its punch. We turned around and followed it back to see where the other end of the trail came out. Interestingly enough, it led back to the area where our cars were parked then crossed the paved highway. Again, we followed it until it took a big drop down into Lee Canyon. We could see where it climbed out on the other side.

 On the way, we saw some bones as seen to the right. This area of Lee Canyon is usually where we see wild horses or burros when they are around. The trail that we used is likely their trail they use to get from Cold Creek to Deer Creek.

 We started to continue down through the canyon but decided against it because it was getting hot. We came back up and hiked back to the cars on the opposite side of the road. Two metal culverts went underneath the highway at the parking area so some of us decided to go through them. The hike was short but we learned something!

                             "Hello, in there!"

                                Some things are just always fun!

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