Monday, October 1, 2012

Mormon Girls' Camp - 10/01/12

                                The Rope Bridge at Camp Stimson

 Ten hikers participated in the four mile loop hike which includes a fun walk through Camp Stimson, a girls' camp. After Labor Day, the girls are gone again until next summer so the camp, which is privately owned, can be hiked through. We began our hike from the Deer Creek Picnic Area parking lot and hiked up by the creek and onto Deer Creek (gravel) Road. Soon, we were passing by the little group of resort rental cabins which have recently been refurbished.

 After passing the old sawmill site, we started hiking by several privately owned cabins. Some of these were quite fancy! At the top of the hill, the road comes to an overlook area where we gazed at Mummy's Nose pointedly sticking up at the sky. Just below the overlook, we turned right staying on the gravel road. This part of the road begins going down on a mostly gradual slope.

                                Mummy's Nose from the Overlook

                                Desert View from Deer Creek Gravel Road

 We wound around until we, again, took a right forked turn. Soon after this, we took an abrupt right and headed down the steep slippery slope to reach the wash below where there was a faint trail. (Since the descent into the wash was unplanned, we assume there is a better way to get into the wash and find the trail!) We neared the sound of chain saws and realized that we were at the top end of Camp Stimson. The forestry service workers were thinning out the woods in the aspen groves.

 We hiked by the men saying "hi" as they stopped their buzzing for a moment or two then found our way to the amphitheater where we sat for a break. Part of the fun included in this hike is that we get to "play" on some of the apparatus that the girls get to enjoy when they are staying here. The photos below show some of the fun we had today.

                                "To be or not to be ..."

As the rest of the hikers take their break, Ed breaks into a speech on the amphitheater stage in Camp Stimson!

                            Doug Hangs On!

A climbing wall apparatus is found at Camp Stimson. We had a little fun there ... just a little! (Too much fun could be dangerous!)


                                Hiking by one of the Group Campfire Stations.

One hiker suggested we light the fire and trying walking over the coals .... Hmm!

                                The Ensign Pavillion

In the background, a new zip line platform has been added. The zip line travels approximately fifty yards across to another platform. Nope. We didn't get to try this!

             Helmut and Don tried their hands (and feet) on the old rope bridge.

 After the rope bridge, we headed out of the camp by way of the North Fire Exit Trail. It circles around to the parking lot that the campers use. This trail requires the hiker to descend a steep slippery slope which can be aided by the guide rope found there. When we reached the parking lot, we exited to the paved Deer Creek Hwy and hiked about half a mile back up to the cars. This was a very enjoyable morning on a fun hike.

                             Marie Uses the Guide Rope

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