Monday, October 8, 2012

Escarpment Base Trail - 10/8/12

                                          Escarpment from Skull Rock

                                          Beginning of Arnight Trail

Sixteen hikers came out today to celebrate the return to Red Rock Canyon NCA hiking. Today's foray was the Escarpment Base Trail, a point to point hike which is best done from Arnight Trail to Lost Creek Trail. The hike includes the Arnight Trail, part of Pine Creek Trail, Dale's Trail, SMYC Trail and a small part of Lost Creek Trail. We took several cars and parked half of them at the Lost Creek trailhead where we would finish. Then, we loaded everyone into half of the cars and drove to the Oak Creek / Arnight trailhead parking to begin the hike.

                                          Crossing Pine Creek

 It was a beautiful morning but still a bit hot. It is supposed to cool down this week. Nevertheless, we, as Las Vegans, didn't let the heat slow us down as we hiked the trail which led north alongside the base of the Red Rock escarpment. The escarpment is also called part of the Keystone Thrust and the Wilson Cliffs. Soon, we were passing the old Wilson homestead foundation and connecting with Dale's Trail.

                                        Wilson Oven at Pine Creek Trail

 Dale's Trail took us up in elevation to pass by Skull Rock; a large rock that would resemble a skull if there wasn't a large bush covering the face of it. If it hadn't been as hot, we would have taken our break here. Nevertheless, we continued on enjoying the plump cacti and greenery. Summer rains had replenished the foliage to a healthy looking stage.

                                        Skull Rock on Dale's Trail

 We took our break at another area that we often use where there is a bench and a little shade. Our hike continued there crossing Ice Box Canyon Trail and onto the SMYC Trail. Views of the escarpment, Turtlehead Peak and the Calico Hills were prevalent throughout the hike. Finally, we crossed the big gravel wash and came out on the Lost Creek Trail to the parking lot where we had left half of the cars. We delivered hikers back to cars at the beginning trailhead and returned home. Yes, it was hot but it sure is nice to get back to Red Rock!

                                              Dale's Trail Colors

                                                 Helmut's Glove

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