Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ice Box Canyon - 10/10/12

                                       Ice Box Canyon Dry Waterfall

 Our honorary young member of the club, Jen, took seventeen hikers up Ice Box Canyon, today, and came back with nineteen. No, no one had any babies! When we got to the waterfall, there were two members of the club who had gone up early. So, they came back with us.

We left from the Ice Box Canyon parking area on the Red Rock Scenic Loop this morning for a short three mile out and back hike through the canyon and up to the waterfall which is dry as a bone right now.

 Much of the hike is done between the cars and the wash on very rocky trails. Because of many recreational hikers that frequent this canyon, there are many routes that can be taken. It really doesn't matter which route you take as long as you are continuing in the direction of the canyon. (In the reverse, just make sure you are heading to the cars!)

                                       Place Where Trail Drops to Wash

                                                   The Tree Crossing

 Most of the trails merge before the point at which you are led to drop into the wash. From there, the hiker begins scrambling up the wash over small boulders. A few boulders are too big to scramble over and there are well trod side trails  that go under the bushes to the left and around. Again, just keep going up canyon! If you find the fallen tree, use it to advance several feet ahead as seen in the photo above.

 Near the end of the canyon, find a tree growing between two big boulders to the left. The easiest way to advance is to climb up by this tree, stay to the left side of the canyon and walk the rock ledge. This brings the hiker to the normal rest area at the foot of the falls. Two of our hikers decided to go up to the top of the falls. This isn't unsafe, however, it must be realized that coming back down is tricky and difficult.

After our break, we returned to the cars at a nice steady pace.

                             Local Rock Climber on Ice Box Wall

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