Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bridge Point Peak - 4/16/13

                                  View From Near Bridge Point Peak

                                Rainbow Wall From Bridge Point Ascent

 The Super Tuesday hikers stepped up to present this blog on the hike to Bridge Point Peak in the Red Rock Canyon NCA escarpment. Mike gives us the following narrative with photos by him, Susan, Laszlo and Richard.

Backward, turn backward, O time in your flight,
Make me a child again just for tonight! ~ Elizabeth Akers Allen

And children we were, as we romped and frolicked for six hours through the canyons and slopes of the Red Rock Recreational Playground.

 A dozen hearty hikers assembled in the Best Buy parking lot on a chilly April morning.  Later that day, they would all set foot upon Bridge Point, a first-time adventure for ABF.  

At the Pine Creek trailhead, jackets were donned and egos were stowed.  Andiamo!  Seventy-five minutes later, we stood near the western terminus of Fern Creek Canyon.  Some 2500 vertical feet above us loomed the intimidating sandstone wall that had to be negotiated.  Lots of Class Three and Four stuff.  Following in the footsteps of our leader, we cautiously began our ascent, the real meat of the hike.  

                                                     Rain Nearby

                           Beautiful View Along Escarpment from Peak

 Did I mention the thirteenth participant?  That would be the 'Facilitator,' a 20-meter chunk of nylon cord that Richard Natale carries in his pack.  Dicey spot ahead of you?  A bit of a tricky move to make?  Perhaps a little exposure.  Not to worry, as the Facilitator allayed any trepidations we may have had.  Good on ya, Richard.

We set foot upon the summit right at the three-hour mark of the hike.  This was a no-nonsense Tuesday group.  Halfway through lunch at the 6700' level, snow flurries appeared.  Damn!  That was our cue to get off the peak, so down we went into the approaching storm.  The lower we got, the better the weather.  Brilliant sunshine by the time we reached Fern Canyon.

                                                  Tricky Descent

 One of the premier hikes of the year, for sure.  Just an exceptional outing.  So thank you Richard for getting us through the tough spots, and thank you Elizabeth Akers Allen for a little poetic verse.

Richard reports the statistics for the hike below:
9.5 miles, 5:57 hours, 3138 ft. elevation gain
                                              Exiting Fern Canyon

                                              Is This Mike or John?

                                             Route Approximation #1

                                           Route Approximation #2

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