Friday, August 9, 2013

Sawmill Trail - 8/9/13

Mummy's Nose as Seen from the Sawmill Trail Ridge

Wooden Fence at Sawmill Trailhead

Eighteen Friday Happy Hikers journeyed up to the Sawmill Trail Picnic Area and Horse Trails off of Lee Canyon Highway in the Spring Mountains NRA this morning for a very pleasant wandering 4 mile hike on the trails in the area. At the end of the hike, we had gained 760 feet in elevation over the 2.5 hours that we were hiking. We began at the trailhead located near the restrooms on the left end of the parking lot.

Hiking Up to the Ridge

Mahogany Tree Next to Trail

 The route we took today led through a flat wooded area where several mahogany trees grew. From there, we climbed a hill to its ridge. Views from the trail were expansive and included Mummy's Nose and Mack's Peak. The Spring Mountain Divide was evident. We could see the line of mountains heading northwest from McFarland Peak to Bonanza and Willow Peaks. The desert floor and more Nevada mountains in the distance provided a colorful view to the north for miles and miles.

Sawmill Trail

Taking a Break

We took a leisurely break then explored down a trail for a short ways. On our return back to the regular loop, we passed a few people who had set up a couple of tents next to the trail. (That's one way to see a bunch of stars!) After this, the trail took us down a steep hill that used to be a slippery dirt road. They have blocked this road to car traffic and the trail is a little easier to hike on. Next, we connected with a trail and dirt road that passes through some of the group camping sites in the area.

Second Half of Loop

Bottom of Steep Hill

 It should be noted that the rabbitbrush is beginning to bloom as seen in the photo to the right. This yellow bush grows extensively throughout the Spring Mountains brightening the sides of every road around! The Happy Hikers finished our hike by a trail that delivered us back to the cars as opposed to the dirt road that is used sometimes. As we piled back into our cars, we saw a lone wild horse yearling munching nearby. So tranquil.

Chris Waiting at a Turn in the Route

Wild Horse Grazing at the Picnic Area

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