Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ski Lee Hike Part I - 8/29/13

Top of Ski Slope Chair Lift Break

A baker's dozen gathered at the Old Mill Picnic Area for a Thursday jaunt to the ski area. Today's trek was a mere prelude, a preview if you will to next Tuesday's affair. Leaving the construction site at Old Mill, we ambled upward through the meadows to Lower Bristlecone, passing three wild horses along the way. Dodging some construction equipment, we serpentined through the woods, soon arriving at Upper Bristlecone. A mere quarter-mile up the Bristlecone Trail, we looked for the sign pointing us to the BAR. Someone stole it. Damn! Undeterred, we nonetheless took the detour to the ski area. Not a whole lot of activity at the lodge at 8:30 in the morning.

 Count 'em--not one, but six porta-potties at the bottom of the ski lift. Mandatory stop. The real hike begins here, as a thousand foot of steep, vertical terrain lay before us. Onward & upward we ascended under the shadow of the chairlift. Just past the top of the chair, we gazed upward at next Tuesday's route--the daunting pitch leading up to the North Loop Trail.  But that's another time and another day.  For now, lunch under the bull-wheel beckoned. 

Ski Lee Part 1 was in the books.  Stay tuned for Part 2.
The Missing Sign

Created Graph with Half of Waypoints

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