Tuesday, April 8, 2014

White Rock Peak - 4/8/14

View from White Rock Peak

Climbing West Side

 Today's Super Tuesday hike led thirteen hikers up to the peak on the White Rock Hills. This is the southernmost peak nearest Willow Springs Picnic Area, not to be confused with the northern White Rock Springs Peak. Attaining the peak is quite a scramble as shown in the photos below taken by Laszlo. Mike adds the summit photo and Lasz sends a few words to describe their day.

Almost There

Break Time

 This wonderful Tuesday, while one group did 6 miles around White Mtn, 13 hearty souls (including one soulette…!) did 3 miles and +2,000’ to the peak and back. We started up throughout the steep, shady and a bit bushy canyon on the west side then took a short brake in the sunshine. …Then climbed some more.

Not a bad panorama to feast our eyes as seen in the first photo. 

"Below Summit" Photo

Starting Down South Side

We received a few descent pointers from our leader then started down by traversing the mountain around to the south side. There were still a few challenges in front of us when we got a glimpse of the cars parked below! ~ Laszlo

 Vitals:  3.8 miles, 2100' elevation gain, 4:40 hours, 12 folks & 1 folkette

The Cars (Waaaay Down There!)

You Go Girl!

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