Monday, April 27, 2015

Pine Creek South Fork - 4/27/15

Pool in Pine Creek's South Fork

South Fork of Pine Creek South Fork

Burro Crossing

 Well, it had been a while since the writer had hiked Fern Canyon, but she didn't realize it had been that long! Sixteen hikers came for a hike into Fern Canyon, that is the north fork of Pine Creek in Red Rock Canyon NCA. After waiting for a burro to cross the Pine Creek Trail, we stopped by the Wilson House then headed on down toward Fern Canyon. We missed the trail that turns up the hill to the right and just waltzed right into the south fork canyon without realizing it.

Following a Trail
 Finally, the boys let Kay in on the route mishap and a hike into the Pine Creek South Fork canyon ensued!

Seriously? We're in the wrong canyon???

Everyone laughed and didn't seem to mind the change of plans but we all realized that this canyon would have more difficult scrambling than would have been in Fern Canyon. It was really quite fun to tackle this difficult scramble at our own slow pace. We found our way up obstacle after obstacle. When we couldn't do a scramble by ourselves, one of the men would lend a hand.

This looks like a good way.
 Many of us had not been involved in the Terrace Canyon hike that was held about a month ago so today offered us a way to experience at least part of the Terrace Canyon hike on our own terms.

Kitty, are you late for something?

 We turned left at the first canyon fork (south fork of the south fork!) and stretched our comfort zones as far as they would go. When we reached the large steep boulder that you have to climb up on the left side of the wash, we decided we had had enough. We found a spot to sit ... it wasn't difficult ... and enjoyed our break. In the near distance, we could see the next left fork of the Terrace Canyon hike.

Setsuko's Vogue Pose
 We didn't need to go all the way to the terraces to be blown away with natural beauty. It was all around us.

Some of the Easy Stuff

 Coming down was a little easier as gravity loaned its hand. We were careful not to fall into the "descent dangers" of speed and carelessness. We found the trail that we had come in on and returned almost exactly the same way back to the cars. We will need to schedule another hike into Fern Canyon soon. But, perhaps, someone else would like to lead! Fun, fun, fun!

4.5 miles; 1000 feet elevation gain; 3.5 hours

Hi, little guy!

Grab and Swing

Horses Grazing at the Wilson House

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