Monday, May 16, 2016

Zion National Park Excursion 2016 Overview - May 11-15, 2016

The Watchman & Virgin River from the Pa'rus Trail

Virgin River running High

Delicate Columbine
 The Around the Bend Friends have just completed the 2016 club excursion to Zion National Park. Phew! Five days of hiking left many of us drained but happy. The weather could not have been better with the exception of Friday afternoon when the temperatures soared in the canyon. The logistical mess that was experienced during the scheduling period was overcome. We never had more than 12 hikers on a wilderness hike. We always had an enthusiastic coordinator. And, no one got lost! Success!

Chirping Squirrel
 The squirrel above was sitting on the rock for at least an hour just chirping continually right next to the trail!

Quiet Squirrel

Waiting Squirrels
 These photos were taken on the Riverwalk and the Pa'rus Trail; two trails that were added to a couple of our moderate level hikes. The river was the highest on the day these photos were taken. Even though the Zion Narrows hike was never opened during our stay, the river seemed to slightly recede daily. Jerry ended up getting a surprise of 6 permits for the Left Fork on Sunday so there was a bit of hike juggling over the weekend. Helmut celebrated his birthday on Saturday and was all over the park with the slower hikers the whole week. Ron and Sandi also overcame a challenge of replacing a hike and took a group over to Taylor Creek. Accolades were given to this change in plans. John explored a new trail for the club. It was the trail used for the horse rides. Sandy and hot but unique views. One unfortunate day, Paul ended up doing Observation Point by himself since everyone that wanted to do it got together and left early for the hike. But, you know Paul. It didn't seem to faze him.

Delicate Columbine
 Laszlo and Rozie arranged a dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate the success of the excursion ... and Helmut's birthday. Kay and John really appreciated the recognition and all the help that everyone contributed this week.

The Zion Narrows Trail

We Love Oscars!
 An individual blog entry will be written for many of the hikes but the final schedule is written below:
Wed. - Angel's Landing (& Scout's Lookout)
         Hidden Cyn/Emerald Pools/Riverwalk
Thurs. - Wildcat Canyon
        Observation Point
        Emerald Pools/Riverwalk/Weeping Rock
Fri. - Cable Mtn via Many Pools
        East Rim
        Sand Bench/Pa'rus Tr

Sat. - Observation Point
        Checkerboard Arch
        Angel's Landing
        Taylor Creek/Timber Creek Ovrlk
Sun. - Left Fork
        West Rim O&B
        Watchman Trail

Pa'rus Trail Flowers

Pa'rus Trail at Zion NP

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