Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fletcher Peak via Deer Creek - 7/9/17

Fletcher Peak

Never get tired of this.

Is it too late to turn around?

Purple Caped Avenger leads the way.
 "Should I stay or should I go?"

This was the question on six hikers' mind this morning as we peered over in the direction of the Spring Mountains NRA and saw dark clouds shrouding the range. Well, the forecast promised a "window" of rainless weather ... but ... you know the reputation that the weather people have .... Hmmm. Okay, we're up; we're dressed; we're packed; why not just ride up the mountain and see what we see. And, what a beautiful ride up the mountain, it was! A complete double rainbow arched above Kyle Canyon so close that we thought we would ride right under it! ... as the raindrops forced us to switch on the windshield wipers.

A cabin in the sky.
 We parked at the Cougar Ridge Trailhead on Deer Creek Road and donned our rain gear. "Oh, man! Purple?", exclaimed one of our masculine hikers, as he tore open the package with a cheapy poncho in it.

Raintree pause.
 We hiked up Cougar Ridge Trail and, by the time we reached the Deer Creek Trail junction, it was clear that the rain had stopped and we had our "window." So up, we went.

4 of the 6 Fletcher Peak strong.

Starting our descent.
 The six hikers climbed up Deer Creek ridge, circled around to Raintree and made the easy decision to complete the hike as planned. Fletcher Peak was next. There were several other hikers out and about; all agreeing that the day was fantastic and a great day for hiking. Our descent was made by returning to the North Loop Trail and taking a right. Down the switchbacks and over to Wild Horse Canyon. We arrived at our cars at the bottom of the canyon very happy that we didn't blow off the morning and stay home. Thanks to Tony and Karl for taking a few photos for the morning's news.

6.5 miles; 2300 feet elevation gain; 4 hours

The 12 switchbacks.

Hats off in honor of the ancient Bristlecone.

Wild Horse Canyon.

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