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South Lake Tahoe Excursion Overview - 7/16 thru 22/17

Kayaking on Northeast Shore

Our Humble Abode

A Windy Day of Kayaking

Great Mex Food next Door
 There were around thirty club members who drove up to South Lake Tahoe, California for a week long excursion of hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, shopping and plain ol' sight seeing in the South Lake Tahoe, Desolation Wilderness and Bliss State Park areas. This and the following entries are written by someone who was visiting these areas for the first time. (I'll try to get everything right!) Most of us drove up by way of Boundary Peak, Mono Lake and the overflowing Walker River to Lake Topaz. Water, water everywhere! There was still snow on the high Sierra peaks but the daily snow melt has filled all the basins and rivers past capacity. A beautiful sight!

Passing by Mono Lake

Mono Lake
 Once there, we checked into the Big Pine Mountain House of Tahoe motel; a small operation that did a pretty good job accommodating us. Next door to the motel is a great authentic Mexican food restaurant that we frequented from Day One. The casinos and shopping drag is only a walking block away as is one of Lake Tahoe's beaches. A gondola ride is also not far away. On our day off, several club members got together and took a group bike ride on one of the biking trails down near Fallen Leaf Lake and some campgrounds. They had a fantastic time! Other attendees went in various directions finding different forms of entertainment from hiking to boat riding. One night, Lettie ordered pizza and ice cream and we gathered in the community room to eat together.

Day of Bike Riding in South Lake Tahoe

I'm a hiker ... not a biker! But, look at that view!

Shopping Involved
 A few fun facts about Lake Tahoe include:
- "Tahoe" means "water in a high place."
- It is the highest lake of its size in the U.S.
- The water in the lake could cover California with 15 inches.
- The water is 99.9% pure.
- The lake sits at 6,220' in elevation and its max depth is 1645'.
- The largest fish ever caught in the lake was a 37 lb. Mackinaw lake trout. (Shout out to Mike Lemay.)
- The lake was formed by the rise and fall of the earth's crust.
- A nearby ancient volcano formed the high ridge northern boundaries of the lake.

These photos are a few miscellaneous shots that describe our week. If anyone has other photos that would fit this entry, please send them and they will be added. Following this entry, there will be detailed hike blog entries for each day. Our schedule was as follows:
Monday - Tamarack Lake and Keith's Dome Ridge
Tuesday - Cathedral Lake and Mt. Tallac
Wednesday - Grass Lake
Thursday - Eagle Lake and Upper Velma Lake
Friday - Rubicon Trail

Last but not least, Lettie did a fantastic job planning and carrying out this wonderful excursion that included a strenuous, moderately strenuous, and moderate group of hikers. Kudos Lettie!! Then, when Lettie was unexpectedly called away, David M. took over with poise and aplomb! Great job, David!

Social Hour at the Motel

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Kayaking out of Sand Harbor

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