Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trail Canyon / Fletcher Canyon - 7/1/17

Waterfall in Fletcher Canyon

The Group on Trail Canyon Saddle

One of Many Beautiful Butterflies

Starting down the Steep Fletcher Canyon Bowl
 David Morrow took some beautiful photos during today's hike down Fletcher Canyon in the Spring Mountains NRA. Nineteen hikers began the hike by climbing Trail Canyon to the saddle. We gathered there then headed downhill. Not long after starting down the North Loop, a very small trail heads off to the right. It is steep and loose. When we reached a ridge that was clear to the right, we started down some more very steep stuff. At the apex of the "bowl," there is a very large landmark boulder. This is where we gathered again.

Arriving at the Landmark Boulder

Waiting in Line at Ponderosa Waterfall
 The trip down through Fletcher Canyon is hiked by some trail, some scrambling, and some canyon wash. We took it slow with our unusually large group. Many of the hikers had not visited this part of the canyon before. It was a beautiful warm day and there was water in most of the wash. The rabbit hole was also a new experience for many of today's group. We made it down one by one and walked out to the Fletcher Canyon TH. Lots of fun! Thank you, David, for the photos!

5.5 miles; 1600 feet elevation gain; 2200 feet elevation loss; 4 hours

Cheryl photographs Small Slot

Fletcher Canyon Flowers

Another interesting Flower Close-Up

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