Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fletcher Canyon Dog Hike - 6/23/12

                          The Las Vegas Cockapoo (GG) discovers Fletcher Canyon.

 GG, the Las Vegas Cockapoo, and Supai, the Blue Diamond Explorer, joined three club hikers for an adventure into Fletcher Canyon today. Since our normally scheduled hikes do not allow our canine friends, club members occasionally schedule hikes specifically for the hikers with 4WD. We got out early on the trail while the temperatures were still pretty cool. GG and Supai excitedly pulled their leashes for the first mile. Supai is a veteran hiker who frequently enjoys Red Rock hiking and has not been on many Mt. Charleston trails. GG is a novice who has not learned how to pace herself on the trail. Each dog supported the other and were able to complete the four miles with only a little encouragement.

                                Supai leads Jean up the trail.

                                Angelica blooms in the canyon.

 It was a beautiful day in the canyon today. Jean was impressed with the jumbled geology between the walls. In the photo to the left, she points out a fault in the limestone feeling that the rock is smooth where the rocks slid against each other. She also described where there were "ripples" on the surface of the rock as being made by water that drips down the rock which has formulated a mild acid or calcite that cuts into the rock surface. We had the Obstacle Rock area all to ourselves for the time we were there. As we hiked back to the cars, many other hikers were on their way up. A very enjoyable morning with our four legged friends.

                                GG and Supai have become fast friends.

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