Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fletcher Peak - 6/10/12

                             Desert View from Fletcher Peak

                                Kyle Canyon View from Fletcher Peak

Another relaxed Sunday hike to the lowest mountain peak in the Spring Mountain NRA. Fletcher Peak resides between Fletcher Canyon and the North Loop Trail. The usual route begins at the North Loop Trailhead, continues up almost to Raintree then turns left onto a smaller trail to the peak. Five happy hikers arrived at the parking lot where there were only a few cars on this chilly morning.

                      Hiking through the bristlecones on the North Loop Trail.

                                A waning gibbous moon sets over Mummy's Toe.

 We made our way up the North Loop slowly; just enjoying the weather, the crisp air and the quiet reverie that the morning offered. Two of the hikers had not been to Fletcher Peak. In fact, one hiker had not even been to Raintree. When we arrived at the trail junction for Fletcher Peak, three hikers continued to Raintree for a short "look see." When they returned, we all set off on the small trail that would bring us around to the saddle and then to the peak. The views on this part of the hike were tremendous as we watched the moon set over Mummy's Toe.

                                Griffith Peak from the Fletcher Peak Trail

                                Don replaces the log book container on the peak.

 The climb to Fletcher Peak fools the hiker into thinking that they have almost arrived about three different times. We just kept climbing until we couldn't climb any more! Taking our time, it was not a killer!

To our right, we could see various Kyle Canyon points of interest including Mt. Charleston, Griffith Peak and the small community of Rainbow. When we arrived at the top, we could also see Wilson Peak of the Red Rock Canyon NCA escarpment and Mt. Potosi.

We signed the log book and ate a snack, still in no hurry. The air had warmed up enough so that we were not cold at the 10,250 foot level.

                                Mt. Charleston from the Fletcher Peak Trail

                                The Fletcher Peak Trail

None of us wanted to come down off of the mountain but, alas, it had to come about. We returned the way we came until we reached the North Loop Meadow where we hung a left and took the Wild Horse Canyon Trail the rest of the way down. The columbines are past their prime and there was evidence of the wild horses in the area. But the alternate hike down was interesting, pleasant and unused by any of the Sunday hikers that were now making their appearance in the Spring Mountains. Seven great miles!

                             Blue Lupine on the Wild Horse Canyon Trail

                                 Mummy's Nose (Chin) from the North Loop Meadow

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