Monday, August 6, 2012

Cathedral Rock - 8/6/12

                                Flowers on the Cathedral Rock Trail

                                          Trailhead Preparations

 Not sure, but approximately twelve hikers showed up for a misty hike up to the top of Cathedral Rock today. Yes, it rained but only lightly! We enjoyed the cool 64 degree temperatures and the sprinkles only added to our comfort. We were all able to park at the trailhead and then we proceeded up at our own pace. For the most part, we stayed pretty much together.

                             Dry but Moss-Covered Echo Falls

Only the photographer took the side trip over to Echo Falls just to see if there was any water at all dripping down the cliff. Moss covered the falls but there was no visible water coming down.

                                Final Approach to the Rock

When we arrived at the top of Cathedral Rock, our view of Kyle Canyon looked a bit damp. We enjoyed our break while watching another hiker's dog drink from a bladder tube! We also watched the chipmunks scurrying around hoping to catch a crumb or two. We made our descent at our leisure and enjoyed good conversation.

                                Finishing our break at the Kyle Canyon view.

                                View from circle trail on top of Rock.

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