Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raintree via Trail Canyon - 8/16/12

           View from North Loop Trail between Raintree and Trail Canyon saddle.

                                Ridge view from Trail Canyon Trail.

 Ten tenacious hikers climbed Trail Canyon Trail for the second time this week. The objective of today's hike was Raintree which is found about a mile and a half on over the North Loop Trail from the Trail Canyon saddle junction. We climbed up Trail Canyon then regrouped at the saddle as seen in the photo to the left. From there, we continued across the saddle on the North Loop Trail.

                      Hiking North Loop with Mummy's Toe above.

                         Cockscomb Peak from the North Loop Trail.

 The trail, here, begins easily as it traverses laterally above the source of Fletcher Canyon. The views are large and fantastic of Cockscomb Ridge and Peak and Mummy's Toe, Knee and Thigh. Eventually, the trail climbs steeply to a large old tree found at the foot of Mummy's Foot! Arriving at Raintree, we took our break until we noticed rain clouds moving in.

                       Resting at 3000 year old bristlecone named "Raintree."

The ten hikers must have broken some sort of record getting down from Raintree all the way to the Trail Canyon trailhead! We just didn't care to get all wet! Anyway, on our way down we passed four horse and riders. Aren't they beautiful animals?

                          Raintree and Mummy's Toe escort in some rain clouds.

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