Friday, August 3, 2012

Cockscomb Ridge - 8/3/12

                                Cockscomb Peak at the end of Cockscomb Ridge

 It was a dirty dozen hikers today on Trail Canyon located near the end of Kyle Canyon. The trailhead has a nice new parking lot on Echo Road. We hiked from there up past the water tank and into the trees. The pace was our own to set and the twelve hikers spread out over the the mountain from the water tank up to the North Loop junction.

                                Hiking the switchbacks of Trail Canyon.

                                Resting at the North Loop junction beneath Mummy's Toe.

 Several hikers reached the junction and sat to wait for others to come up. Five of these hikers decided to extend the intended hike by going on out to the end of Cockscomb Ridge. The rest of the group would take a break either there in the shade at the junction or on the cliff overlooking Fletcher Canyon as seen in the photo to the left.

                                Mt. Charleston from Cockscomb Ridge

                                Cockscomb Ridge

 The five hikers made quick work of the half mile length of the ridge and took a short break there at the base of Cockscomb Peak. On returning to the junction, there were still hikers taking their break there. As this was a casually led hike today, several hikers decided to go on back down Trail Canyon to the cars ahead of the slower group. The clouds were coming in and one just never knows what they might be bringing with them. Anyway, it was a nice workout today.

                                Returning to Trail Canyon

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