Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harris Peak - 8/23/12

                                               Harris Peak

A very challenging 4.5 miles were trod by twelve determined hikers today. Sadly, Marbles, the dog, did not come out to play as we passed by her house. However, we began our climb up Rainbow Canyon ... and we climbed and we climbed. This small trail is very steep rising 1500 elevation feet over the course of only 1.25 miles. There was only one person on the hike that had not climbed this trail before and he was wishing it on his worst enemy by the time he got to the saddle!

We gathered at the saddle where we could see over to Lovell Canyon then turned left to hike along the Harris Springs Trail for only about 100 feet. Another left turn onto another small trail took us up along the ridge that climbed Harris Peak. This climb was just about as steep as Rainbow Canyon but, thankfully, shorter. It is easy to lose the trail on this part of the climb but we were warned that we would climb over the first hump, dip down a little, then begin climbing the real peak. We all made it to the top with help from the old timer. Many fossils lay all over the peak and we all wrote in the log book. The views are fantastic.

The descent was a conglomeration of success and confusion. A few of the hikers got off on the wrong direction as the small trail was difficult to find sometimes. When we began descending Rainbow Canyon, the torrents of rain that we received the day before came into play. The trail was muddy and slippery. We were as careful as we could be and if anyone sees the old timer up there wandering around, let us know.

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