Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shoreline & White Owl Canyon - 3/9/14

Lava Butte from Shoreline Trail

Sunday Morning Fishermen

Turkey Vultures Watching Us
 Out of the ten hikers that started the long version of the White Owl Canyon hike, three hikers cut the 8 miles to 5 by doing the shorter version that returns along the River Mountains Trail. A couple of these photos were taken along the shorter version.

Right away, we were entertained with various birds. There were turkey vultures watching our every move at the beginning of the hike.

Hiking Shoreline Trail

White Egrets in Shallow Water
 We saw big white egrets out in the shallow waters of Lake Mead. There were large hawks or peregrine falcons circling overhead. And, the coup de grace, we saw one of the great-horned owls that lives in Hippie Canyon. She was perched on the wall where we had seen her before. We didn't go down into the canyon this time so our perspective for photos was higher up than before. The three of us hoped that the owl was still around when the other hikers arrived there from their longer journey.

Biker on River Mountains Trail with Brittlebushes in Bloom

Mrs. Great-Horned Owl Sits on Her Perch

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