Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Broken Arch / Sand Dune Arch / Skyline Arch (Arches National Park) - 10/12/14

Storms in Distant La Sal Mountains from Broken Arch Area

Broken Arch

Jerry at Balanced Rock
After a great morning at Jeep and Corona Arches, three club members who enjoy photographing rode out the Arches Scenic Drive for an exciting photo session. The weather front had brought in dramatic skies as it rained or snowed on the La Sal Mountains in the near distance. Our scheduled trip up to three of the arches was perfect timing. We stopped by Balanced Rock on the way out for a few photos.

Dramatic Skies near Broken Arch
Next, we stopped at the Broken Arch and Sand Dune Arch parking lot and hiked out to Broken Arch first. The flat terrain was covered quickly and the sun was beginning to dip under the dark clouds as we got there. The photos came fast with a lot of satisfaction!

Sand Dune Arch
Next, we headed back to Sand Dune Arch where we knew that the sky would not be in the photos. A quick "we were there" photo and we returned to the cars. As we hiked, the surrounding landscape kept presenting fantastic photos.

Sunlight Shines on Red Rock under the Clouds

We drove up the road a little further to Skyline Arch. This short trail and arch presented more fun photos. We felt very lucky to experience this light! On the way back, our driver, John B., was hungry so we couldn't talk him into letting us squeeze out a few more shots!

The moderate group hiked the three arches two days before.

About 2.5 miles and flat

Perfect Light at Skyline Arch

Sandstone Ridge near Broken Arch

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