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Ely Trip 2015 Memories - July 29 thru August 2, 2015

Mt. Wheeler from Stella Lake
The Around the Bend Friends took their third excursion to Ely, Nevada and Great Basin National Park last week. Steve and Becky Anderson coordinated the well-planned trip. Becky and Mike OC sent a few photos and even fewer comments so we will let these photos speak for themselves.

There were 36 in our group to Ely, NV and the Great Basin National Park.  We had three days of near perfect hiking weather. A few of the non-hiking highlights included dining in the Jail, riding the steam locomotive, touring the Lehman Caves and enjoying the small town flavor of Ely. We had a great group of hikers and a great trip.

Becky and Steve Anderson

Cave Lake
 Cave Lake (Thursday) - Thursday's hike was Cave Lake Overlook-High Roller Trail.  The hike is six miles with an elevation gain of 1,300 feet.

Maria and Cave Lake

Ely, Nevada

Mike says, "I thought we booked the FOUR SEASONS! Damn!"

Everyone stayed in hotels all around town. Unfortunately, one hotel, THE PROSPECTOR, lost its water from a nearby construction accident. Reluctantly, they made a minimal compensation to the customers.

After Hike Entertainment

Eating Dinner at the Jail

Mt. Wheeler Summit Panorama
 Mt. Wheeler Summit and Alpine Lakes Trail (Friday) - Friday had two hike options - The first was Wheeler Peak at Great Basin National Park which is nine miles with an elevation gain of 2,900 feet.    Wheeler Peak is Nevada's second highest peak in Nevada at 13,064. The second option was The Alpine Lakes Loop with a side trek to Bristlecone Trail.  This hike is 5 miles with an elevation gain of 1,100 feet.

Just Getting Started
 A total of 17 hikers made it to the top of Mt. Wheeler. Kudos to Steve for herding them all up there!

Gee. Really?

Enjoying Mt. Wheeler Summit

Almost Down

Alpine Lakes Crowd

Doyle and Paul Celebrating their Birthdays
 Bald Mountain (Saturday) - Saturday's hike was Bald Mountain.  The hike was eight miles with an elevation gain of 1,700 feet topping out at 11,500 feet.

Bald Mountain Family Photo (Mt. Wheeler in Background)

Perfect Ending

Cave Lake Hike

Alpine Lakes & Glacier Hike

Mt. Wheeler Summit Hike

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