Monday, August 31, 2015

Hawaii Excursion 2015 - Arrival - 8/30/15 the evening falls...!! Miss ya! -  Laszlo
 Chris (right) provided a few words about the trip last week that included:

- For most of our intrepid group of twenty-six explorers our club outing to the island of Kauai is just over one week away. (Well, it's here!)

- Of the group, fourteen participants will be arriving on the island by Saturday. (We have already heard from some of these on the Island of Oahu!)

- The current extended forecast for Kauai includes some rain for each of the days we will be on the island, which is not unusual.  The trails we will be hiking on are actually quite similar in surface conditions to what we encounter in Las Vegas, including extended sections of imbedded rock.  What most people won't be used to is hiking on slick trail conditions or in the mud.  Just be aware we will probably encounter both of these conditions along the way.  Also, the projected highs near the ocean are around 80 degrees with the lows about six degrees cooler, so either shorts or thinner pants are appropriate along with lightweight shirts.  Long pants will probably get coated with mud and will have to be washed after each use.  (Good information.)

So everyone made it there and Laszlo sent us a group photo of a killer sunset!


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